Headshot of Jill Quash, Founder of Quash SEO and Content Strategy

With a knot in my throat and sweaty palms, my finger hovered over the mouse button. I was about to make one of the hardest decisions in my professional career. Click. The email sent as I turned in my resignation.

For over a decade, I was a university professor, and we really needed that paycheck. But after venturing into the business world on the side, as a founder turned marketer, I didn’t want to look back. Investigating analytics, creating content, and finding a way to beat the competition was much more fun and fulfilling.

Life is too short not to do what you love and utilize all your talents.

Since then, I have worked on projects valuing up to 7 million dollars. My clients are in various industries, small businesses up to the enterprise level. 

To find out more about what I do, schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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